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Introducing the first ever Paleo Certified BBQ sauces from Kansas City

KC Natural was founded on the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy the delicious flavors that made our city famous no matter what their dietary preferences or health challenges. That’s why we recently put out the first and only Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) friendly BBQ sauce. Our “Mastodon” sauce is also the first Kansas City BBQ sauce to be Paleo Certified. It’s been by far our most popular blend- a huge hit with non-Paleo folks as well. Its sudden fame inspired the recent creation of our brand new Primal Cherry AIP blend. It boasts a sweet and smoky flavor that’s fueled by the mouth-watering flavor of organic tart cherries, fresh carrots, blackstrap molasses, and apple cider vinegar. Availability for both sauces is growing every day as we create new relationships with stores and distributors. However, we are still a pretty small business, so if you can’t find KC Natural products in your favorite store, email their grocery manager this KC Natural info sheet so they know how to get a hold of us.

Traditional Tomato Based Blends (non-Paleo)

We also offer traditional tomato based BBQ sauces made with all-natural ingredients for those who don’t follow the Paleo diet or choose to avoid nightshades. Our Backyard Blend stays true to the savory flavors Kansas City is famous for. Our Sriracha-Q is a spicy fusion of the flavors sriracha sauce lovers crave, mixed with our classic Backyard Blend BBQ seasonings.

Every KC Natural recipe is made with real ingredients in our home kitchen – and stays that way until it reaches yours.

Without exception, every one of our products is made with simple all-natural ingredients blended together to create an authentically delicious Kansas City BBQ experience that you could easily re-create in your own kitchen with items readily available at your local healthy grocer.

If you haven’t tried KC Natural BBQ sauces, you are about to be in for a treat that can be enjoyed on your favorite traditional recipes – as well as offbeat options, such as tacos, pizza, stir fry, breakfast scrambles, veggies- pretty much anything you can think of.

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Simply visit our location page to learn how you can get your hands on our unique, mouth-watering flavors. And if you can’t find us at your favorite local grocery stores, please email your grocery manager this handy KC Natural product info sheet that lets them know who we are and how we can start stocking the shelves in their aisles.

And if you have any questions, comments, recipes to share, or simply want to say hi, just use this simple contact form to reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!