Nutritious Sauces Made for Every BBQ Lover

KC Natural makes three delicious, all-natural flavors that are always gluten-free and never include high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial or unnecessary ingredients. In 2015, KC Natural released the world’s first Paleo and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) friendly sauce that is 100% nightshade free. Wondering how we made a BBQ sauce without tomatoes and peppers? Click the links below to learn the details.

Mastodon Paleo AIP

mastodon-imageWe conquered the ultimate BBQ challenge: a thick and savory sauce with no tomatoes, peppers, or cane sugar! Carrots, horseradish, molasses, and 100% pure maple syrup… you have to taste this for yourself. Learn more…

To find out where you can buy KC Natural BBQ sauces online or at your favorite Kansas City area grocer, click here.

Primal Cherry Paleo AIP


Made with tart cherries, carrots and blackstrap molasses, this unique blend is sure to be a hit at your next gathering. To learn more about our latest AIP friendly blend, click here.



Backyard Blend 

Backyard Blend

Traditional Kansas City flavor made with ingredients you have in your own kitchen. This savory, tomato-based sauce is made with smoky ancho chili and the KC Natural signature spice blend. Learn more…




What do you get when you combine the tangy heat of sriracha with the KC Natural BBQ original blend?  A new must-have staple for your refrigerator. Our customers are raving about this sauce- check out the recipes and feedback on the Sriracha-Q product page! Learn more…