Join the Fight for #BBQequality!

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What is the Fight for BBQ Equality?

As you know, KC Natural was started by folks who have to read every label for bothersome ingredients, such as gluten, certain spices derived from pepper, soy sauce is often used (even in products labeled gluten-free), distilled white vinegar (usually derived from corn or wheat) and other common food allergens that can pop up in many mainstream BBQ sauces. And like many of you, we also turn our noses up at high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial ingredients and additives, caramel color (why?), and things we can’t pronouce (insert scientific sounding ingredients, or colors followed by numbers).

The launch of our #BBQequality campaign is meant to bring awareness that BBQ doesn’t have to be loaded with junk, or a guilty pleasure to be consumed on your cheat days. It also sums up our mission is to be the most inclusive BBQ sauce company, and offer a variety of sauces that give everyone a chance to enjoy delicious authentic tasting BBQ no matter what their diet or lifestyle.

Recently, we were able to certify that all our sauces are sourced with non-GMO ingredients. Even though the science behind GMO’s is still wildly debated, we feel it’s important to err on the side of caution and offer products that don’t leave any doubt in people’s minds. All our ingredients are naturally gluten-free, but we go ahead and test every batch at our manufacturing facility to make sure we avoid cross-contamination.

Not only do we try to cover all our bases to accommodate allergen-conscious BBQ lovers, we pour our hearts into every recipe we create. Each one starts as an inspiration in our founders kitchen at home before we move into the test kitchen phase at our local manufacturer (which is just a mile from our his home).

To prove we aren’t just interested in following the trends, we went the extra mile with our new Mastodon Paleo AIP sauce – which is the first available non-tomato completely nightshade free BBQ sauce on the market. While other sauce companies may need to look at numbers and data to determine whether a recipe is worth creating, we simply talk to the people we want to help. To give people something they never thought they would have, and show that our company is truly guided by real people is the heart of our business model.

How You Can Join the Fight

We can’t fulfill our mission without people like you helping us spread the word and joining the fight. Here are ways you can join our fight for #BBQequality…

1.) Make healthy BBQ recipes and share them on Instagram – and tag your posts with the #BBQequality hashtag, and tag KC Natural too! We are always looking for new recipe inspirations, and maybe we’ll have a chance to share yours with our community.

2.) Donate to our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, so you can be one of the first to try our new sauce blends. From there, we appreciate any social sharing to our Kickstarter page. Just keep up with us on social media for a link to the campaign. As a small business, we truly appreciate all the grassroots support we can get.

3.) Tell your favorite grocery store to carry KC Natural BBQ sauces. Many grocery buyers, even health market managers, are too busy to stay educated about the latest product developments, especially from small companies that don’t have a large marketing department (or dollars) to fund expensive campaigns. Luckily, we live in a world where one person, like yourself, can shine the spotlight on new and exciting developments.

4.) Contact us with your ideas! We don’t pretend to have all the answers, and we love speaking with people who are passionate about health and food. We’re foodies and health conscious because we understand the connection between the two. Join the fight for #BBQequality in any way you can!

It’s Time for Change

It’s time for all food companies to realize that we are living in a world where there are over 80 types of autoimmune diseases, and food allergies are a big deal. We see a lot of negative and mis-information spread about the gluten-free community specifically, and we want to educate people that these are not trends or topics that will go away soon – nor are these topics that should be taken lightly.

We believe that allergen free foods should be affordable and available to everyone, regardless of their income level or unfortunate circumstances. This campaign will hopefully draw attention to the need for food equality for people who have special dietary needs. Let’s face it, the food our kids are provided at their school cafeterias aren’t inclusive or healthy, which isn’t good news for any kid, no matter what they can eat.

And many kids are subjected to bullying and ridicule simply because they have food allergies that make them ‘different’ from other kids. Many of the restaurants that claim gluten-free have no idea that they’re cross-contaminating and falsely advertising. And many friends and family members (who may love you) aren’t taking your diet needs seriously.

While most companies want to stamp out their competition, we welcome it. In fact, we challenge other BBQ sauce companies to follow our lead, clean up their ingredients, offer more options, and co-op our mission. When mainstream brands create a Paleo AIP friendly sauce, we’ll know we’re winning.

So please, join KC Natural’s #BBQequality movement today and help us create a healthier world of guilt-free BBQ! Share your healthy BBQ recipes, personal health stories, and KC Natural BBQ sauce experiences with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay up-to-date with our latest shenanigans.

Happy grilling!


The KC Natural Team.