Our first post! (Now what to say?)

Since this is our first post, there’s probably a good chance you are one of a few people who will read this at the time it’s published. That’s because we are a small company of two guys raised in Kansas City on the best BBQ in the world. We started KC Natural BBQ in my kitchen, and we’ve built it up store by store over the last couple years. We have grown naturally, and want to help people who love good BBQ have healthier options they can enjoy. I started this company because I have a long-term goal of covering all the allergen bases when it comes to making good sauce – I think anyone should be able to enjoy ribs and brisket. Just kinda my thing, I guess. There could definitely be worse purposes in life.

After two years of starting a BBQ sauce business with a credit card, part of me is actually surprised that Jason and I are still going at it, and making plans to expand. In the past few weeks we have finally stocked the shelves of the Kansas City area Whole Foods Market locations. While we are celebrating this win, we have a lot we want to do. We started doing this because I needed a gluten-free BBQ sauce that I really liked- and we were tired of sauces filled with corn syrup, liquid smoke, sodium, and other ingredients that simply aren’t necessary. The response to our original sauce gives us hope that our upcoming spicy Sriracha-Q sauce will take off as well. By the end of the summer our goal is to have three-to-four sauces on the shelves in every state. No matter what happens, I’ll consider it a success as long as we can keep going.

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As I noted above, we have a new sauce in the works. Over the past two years, while demo’ing our original flavor, we constantly get asked “do you have a spicy one?” Well, the answer will soon be a resounding YES. And it’s going to taste like no other spicy sauce you’ve ever tasted. That’s a bold statement, but we truly created something different.

One thing about the purpose of this blog section of our site before I sign off…

We want to hear from you

Seriously. Talk to us. We are more interested in making new friends and having a good time than anything. If you have a story or recipe you want to share, or an idea for an article, let us know. And talk with us on our social channels as well. If you’ve read our About Us page, then you might know about our dream to tour the country and BBQ for people like you. At your favorite grocery store, BBQ contest- hell, you could probably talk us into BBQ’ing in your backyard if you asked nicely enough.

Okay, one more ‘one more thing’ before I go- Just one other thing I’m gonna ask you to do… Let me know your favorite songs to BBQ to. If you have Spotify, you can add your favorite BBQ tunes to my “KC Natural BBQ Playlist“!

Thanks for checking out our first post! Don’t forget to talk to us and look out for our new flavors coming soon…



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