Our Mastodon Paleo AIP Ingredients Explained

As paleo contributor here at KC Natural, I receive a lot of questions regarding our newest sauce blend, the Mastodon BBQ sauce. Due to the fact that it’s nightshade-free (so no tomatoes or spices derived from peppers!), made with paleo-friendly ingredients and free of any white sugar, this unique BBQ sauce really embodies what we’re trying to achieve here at KC Natural. Our contribution to the healthy food movement is making sure that everyone, regardless of food intolerances or preferences, can enjoy delicious Kansas City style BBQ sauce. So I wanted to spend a little extra time discussing this paleo AIP friendly BBQ sauce, the story of its inspiration, and the ingredients that make it special.

Why go where other companies won't bother?

KC Natural decided to create the Mastodon blend out of loyalty to our BBQ-loving audience and as a beacon of hope for those with food allergies (like myself) who haven’t been able to enjoy their favorite BBQ creations in a long time. For me, I struggle with autoimmune conditions and I work very hard to manage them all-naturally with a diet called the autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet(sometimes known as the “autoimmune paleo” diet). This diet is designed to eliminate any food groups that commonly cause inflammation and stress in the body, which is a main trigger for autoimmune condition symptoms. Foods that fall into this category are things like grains (even including those grains that are gluten-free), dairy, eggs, processed or white sugars, soy, nuts and seeds, and nightshade vegetables (like peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant). While this anti-inflammatory diet has been a complete game changer for me, the downside is that 99.999999% of BBQ sauces out there today are made with a tomato-base.

When our founder heard my story and others like it, he went on a mission to make sure those who follow the AIP diet, could sit down to their favorite BBQ dishes again. After many attempts, he finally nailed it: a completely paleo-friendly (because no added white sugar), AIP-friendly (because no nightshades, added sugar or inflammatory spices), gluten-free and allergen-friendly Kansas City-style BBQ sauce. And, like all KC Natural sauces, it's non-GMO. This sauce is definitely the most allergen free sauce available, and our most potent weapon in the fight for BBQ equality.

I have to say, when he first brought me a bottle to try, I was a mixture of [manly] tears and laughter, because it truly did mean the world to me to find a company who cared so much, and a BBQ sauce that ACTUALLY tasted like BBQ sauce - none of that “health-food-who-are-you-kidding” stuff. And the best part is that even the most avid BBQ lovers are loving this new sauce because it's perfectly balanced sweet, tangy and smoky flavor makes it taste like 100% authentic KC BBQ.

What makes Mastodon BBQ so unique - and traditional?

We were able to achieve the sauce’s flavor and consistency by using carrots for the base and then mixing it with AIP-friendly seasonings like horseradish, garlic, onion and smoked sea salt, while using molasses and a touch of maple syrup to give it that sweet and thick consistency. Here’s the full list of ingredients so you can see for yourself:

  • Diced carrots
  • Molasses
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Water
  • Ground horseradish
  • Minced garlic
  • Condensed Mesquite smoke
  • Lemon juice
  • Onion powder
  • Garlic powder
  • Mesquite smoked salt
  • Pure maple syrup

The other key ingredient to mention here is our all-natural Mesquite liquid smoke. Often times, liquid smoke can be a chemical nightmare, but ours is made by capturing REAL smoke from smoked Mesquite burnings, which is then combined with distilled water to produce a wonderful product; it’s literally just smoke-infused water, with no additives of any kind - a natural smoked flavor a caveman could even capture.

So there you have it, folks - the creation story of the world’s very first widely available nightshade-free sauce: The KC Natural Mastodon blend.

Do you follow a Paleo AIP or allergen restricted diet do to an autoimmune condition or the want to live a healthier life? If so, share your story with us and sign up for our monthly email newsletter to keep up with our latest developments and upcoming sauce blends that can help you enjoy BBQ again.

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