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meet Our AIP-FRIENDLY spice blends

At KC Natural, we're committed to the finest ingredients we can source. All of our ingredients are AIP-friendly, meaning they are free of the common allergens. Plus, they don't contain nightshades (like tomatoes), refined sugars, or GMOs. Our AIP-friendly spice blends don't contain any MSG, refined sugars, anti-caking agents, or other unnecessary ingredients found in many other brands. Our Meat & Veggie Seasoning, Mastodon BBQ Rub, and Seasoned Sea Salt are all you need to add gourmet flavor to almost any meal!


...and unbelievable nightshade-free sauces

We're the first food company on the market to offer all AIP-friendly and certified Paleo Friendly BBQ Sauces, Pasta Sauce, and Ketchup. And we're pretty sure we wrote the very first mustard-free "mustard" style recipes, also without any nightshades! And we have two brand new AIP-friendly dressings available as well. Each product is made in small batches to ensure quality and the freshest possible experience for our customers. We hope you love them all!


our mission

we're dedicated to providing the world's most allergen-friendly sauces and condiments

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